Dinah I have the same issues with my small “business.” It may never make any money but it fills my soul and keeps me ticking. Its a relief to see other struggle with similar dilemmas over “heart-feeding” work and “day jobs” and how sometimes they can’t be the same thing, at least for the time being. And how lucky we are as technologists to have fun, challenging day jobs! Thank you for sharing all of your thoughts. Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication with Code Like a Girl. You are an inspiration. On a side note, I made writing an article a month for CLAG my priority for 2018 and am hating the frustrating flu that starting out my year on a sour note and threatens my first self-imposed writing deadline for the year. I will persist! Thank you again.


Alanna Risse is an instructor, web developer, and artist living in Portland, Oregon.

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