• Adrian Rosales

    Adrian Rosales

    is a web developer, opera singer, actor, and lover of cats. (adrian-rosales.tech)

  • Miriam Peskowitz

    Miriam Peskowitz

    NYTimes Bestselling Author of The Daring Book for Girls. Working on a hands-on book about tech for girls, and everyone else.

  • Roberto Bouza

    Roberto Bouza

    Planet earth human, automation and large scale systems ruminant, whimsical software builder, coffee & wine lover on Apple's Inc. payroll.

  • Andy Beach

    Andy Beach

    Digital media evil genius. I work for Microsoft, but my opinions are my own and they’re awesome.

  • Mary Ellen Owens

    Mary Ellen Owens

  • 20x200


    Limited edition prints by emerging, established + legendary artists. Live with art—it's good for you.®

  • evany


    2 major earthquakes, a burst appendix and an exploding can of beans. I also word at Shopify! Pinterest alum, Facebook alum.

  • R Scott LaMorte

    R Scott LaMorte

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