Take Back Your Thoughts… And Your Day

photo by https://unsplash.com/@acharki95
  1. That extra screen time is probably causing some level of fatigue for you. When you look at small things, small screens, small print, you are in “focus mode” and your brain has only so much energy allocated for deep focus each day. Even if you are watching a funny video, or pictures of your friend’s cat, you brain still perceives it as an activity that needs extra brain power.
  2. The stress from reading negative news makes your muscles tense up before they’ve even had a chance to great the day. Just the idea of worrying about what horrible thing may have happened since the last time you checked the news may be adding to your stress. I’m definitely NOT proposing that you disconnect entirely, especially right now. There are lots of social, ethical, and political reasons for us to educate ourselves and stay “plugged in” but it doesn’t mean we have to frame our day with the latest political scandal at the forefront of our minds.
  3. Stressful news also spikes our cortisol levels. Adding news to that highly caffeinated cup of Joe is like add a quad shot of espresso to it. Too much cortisol can wreak havoc on your body, from your brain, to your heart, to your gut. That amped up feeling you get when you read about the stupid thing some politician said? It’s going to guarantee that your 3 o’clock afternoon crash is going to come down on you hard as a rock. I used to crash hard around that time, and back in the days of office life, I’d reach for a vending machine candy bar to spike up that cortisol level again. No wonder one in three adults is pre-diabetic.
photo by allison christine



Alanna Risse is an instructor, web developer, and artist living in Portland, Oregon.

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