Writing Exercise: Your Lifetime Achievement Award

Let’s do a little exercise in imagining what we will accomplish in our lifetimes. Take a few minutes out of your day and write about yourself in the future. Write this for you and no one else. Don’t share it with anyone. This is your gift to yourself.

Write the Script for Your Lifetime Achievement Award

Imagine that you are about to receive a lifetime achievement award. Write the script they will read before you receive the award. Write it in the third person, from an admirer’s perspective. Don’t listen to your awful inner critic who is regularly a complete jerk to you. You are amazing. Base it off something in your life right now that will serve as your catalyst. Be as specific as you can. Talk about how you inspired or helped other people. Talk about events or attitude changes that happened to you (that are happening to you right now) that caused a major shift in your life and helped you see your calling more clearly. Talk about what magical things you accomplished in life because you were so driven. Talk about love and admiration you received from friends, partners, and family throughout the years. Talk about great partnerships with people you know and admire now. Write your friends into your future. Talk about being a mentor. Choose someone you admire to give the speech.

When writing this, think about the window that is opening for you right now. Despite hardship, diversity, struggle. Think about how you want to fill your time, from now until your death.

Ready, go.

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